With decades of knowledge about the Houston area, SYI is personally committed to the development of innovative communities. Our goal is to set the stage and the standards that provide families a unique lifestyle while embracing the natural characteristics of the area being developed. The creation of unique lifestyles has become our inspiration and guiding principle.  SYI’s design approach is global, so that our communities can thrive with employment, schools, shopping, recreation and nature. We not only bring a community to life, but we strive to give back to the area by fostering road and infrastructure improvements in addition to job creation.  Our team pays attention to the smallest detail in an effort to give each community its own characteristics, thereby defining it by the lifestyle it offers.

We are Houston proud and our communities reflect the deep respect and love we have for this great city.  SYI is constantly seeking new opportunities to utilize its real estate, development, engineering, construction, marketing and finance knowledge. The communities we have developed to date speak for themselves.