Project Investment

What is the secret to success that sets Sam Yager Incorporated apart from others in the real estate market’s constant evolution? It is the strong desire to consistently excel at all aspects of real estate improvement, along with time-tested innovative and creative thinking and always striving to uphold design and development standards. The business of SYI is to be the local, full service land development management arm of each client, while handling all the details with the utmost professionalism and dedication. SYI has become the ‘land development company’ for all types of clients including but not limited to existing land owners, family trusts, private investment groups, public corporations, homebuilding companies, individuals, and Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Sam Yager Incorporated conducts thorough property analysis on every prospective real estate acquisition. Property is initially selected based upon the careful review of several key factors including:

Location and Access to existing or future planned roadways and freeways for the benefit of traffic generation to the project, future homeowners and future commercial businesses.

Land Characteristics such as the shape, topography, natural vegetation, flood plains, access to existing streams or drainage and other unique characteristics of the land which can be leveraged as part of a comprehensive development plan.

Local Amenities such as schools, medical facilities, shopping and entertainment opportunities and the surrounding region’s ability to support additional commercial construction brought on by the development of a new community.

Due Diligence Analysis with detailed review of land title, surveys, entitlements, and probable project costs and revenues

Income and Return on Investment Potential which is projected through the creation of cash flow proformas that extend through the life of the project based on the due diligence performed, the information available, and the anticipation of market trends.

SYI also has a successful history of developing a community from real estate that a client may already have title to or currently have under contract to purchase. This type of project is subjected to the same skillful review and analysis before the client is presented with a community development plan.