At SYI, we conduct a thorough property analysis on every prospective real estate acquisition. SYI has a successful history of developing projects from real estate that a client may already have title to or currently has under contract to purchase. This type of project is subjected to the same skillful review and analysis before the client is presented with a community development plan. Property is initially selected based upon the careful review of several key factors including:

  • Origination of a development plan that presents both an aesthetically pleasing and marketable community that is in compliance with the local governments’ regulations; and the development of a detailed project plan which identifies and seeks to solve any utility, drainage or environmental issues, reduces costs and increases revenues which may also include the ability to be flexible based on changing market conditions.
  • Communication from concept to completion of the community. SYI maintains open dialogues with the investor, city and county officials, engineers, inspectors and contractors, to optimize efficient delivery of the project to the market.
  • Establishing or annexing in to public financing districts (municipal utility districts, water control and improvement districts, management districts, PIDs and TIRZ) through negotiations with public agencies to create the districts, facilitate the construction of and delivery of utility services to the developed parcels; and complete management of the bond sale application process for reimbursement of eligible costs to the owner before, during and after submittal to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  • Creation and implementation of project budgets as well as strategic monitoring of cash flows to minimize development costs while maintaining the cash requirements for the efficient development of the project. SYI keeps clients informed with periodic updates as development conditions progress.
  • Value enhancement through community establishment including: landscape and amenity concepts, marketing plans, project positioning, builder selection, initial formation and management of the property owner’s association with tailored deed restrictions to control developed areas, and other aspects where the quality and experience of a development management firm can make the difference.

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