SYI employs custom built finance and accounting systems which are tailored to meet the individual needs of the project.  SYI’s systems are in place to track the details of a project and assist the management and owner in project evaluation and decision making.

SYI also provides full records management services to generate financial information and other information about the project reviewable by clients, lenders and third party accountants. SYI coordinates with the project’s independent third party CPA firm to provide accounting services for the project, reconcile bank statements, prepare financials and generate reports which are used in the periodic management reports prepared by SYI and provided to clients.  SYI, in concert with the project CPA and other consultants, work to provide for some of the following:

Financing acquisition and management, through preparation of loan applications and submission to one or more lenders for a loan commitment; and cooperation with lenders and their counsel, and client’s counsel to close loans

Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting can be generated and disseminated to clients and lenders; quarterly management reports are prepared with detailed progress and projected activity for each client

Thorough and accurate records administration of all project cost information and MUD receivable data for preparation of bond sale submittals to insure the maximum reimbursement allowable

Tracking and processing sales and acquisitions accurately through supervision of contract terms to insure compliance; and use of specialized models to calculate sales figures to maximize profits

Several types of tax management services such as working with the project CPA and the client’s CPA to prepare income and franchise tax returns, thereby insuring accuracy and transparency of data, and full cycle property tax processing, including protesting values, insuring correct ownership and paying taxes timely when due

SYI has a proven track record of providing increased levels of detail and reporting beyond the standard financial information seen in the industry which provides benefits for the management and decisions necessary to execute the development business plan in an orderly and efficient manner.