About Sam Yager Incorporated

SYI is a Houston-based company that offers a wide scope of real estate management and land development services. Our primary focus is investment, development, and brokerage of mixed-use real estate. Based on our clients’ goals, objectives, and the condition of their land, we are able to manage and oversee their land assets from acquisition, to entitlement, to development, and to disposition.

An Integrated

Real Estate Company

We have the skills and experience needed to analyze, evaluate, and implement large-scale master-plan and mixed-use real estate developments at the highest level. Managing these complex investments requires an integrated real estate company that is efficient in meeting development timelines and responding to market changes to address our clients’ objectives. SYI utilizes structured partnerships and/or joint ventures to provide development, management, and capital solutions for our clients. Careful, in-depth analysis of opportunities enables us to make recommendations that enhance the value of our projects.

In addition, SYI actively seeks out high-quality land development and real-estate investment opportunities for both individual and institutional investors. We provide development management and capital solutions primarily through partnerships. Careful, in-depth analysis of these opportunities enables us to identify projects that produce desired risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

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SYI’s experienced management team conducts detailed reviews using decades of local knowledge in real estate, land development, engineering, construction, marketing, and finance. Our experience and attention to detail produces results. The numerous successfully completed projects in the Houston area developed by SYI speak for themselves.

Boutique-Level Service

We keep our strengths in-house, providing personalized service with a direct line of access to SYI’s dedicated real estate management team while keeping our operations efficient and effective. For decades, we have leveraged long-standing strategic relationships with industry leaders who serve as an integral part of the SYI framework management team.

Professional Strategy

Land is a unique asset to own and manage requiring site specific evaluation and strategies. SYI has the experience and breadth of knowledge to assess each project’s specific challenges. Clients rely on SYI’s expertise when navigating real estate investment and development decisions not only in the initial stages but throughout the life of the project. Land development requires a team that is creative, agile, and flexible. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience, SYI possesses the expertise to recognize unique opportunities and formulate strategies that are adaptable to fluid market conditions. SYI stands apart from its peers because of its ability to identify and embrace challenges and because of its drive to stay the course and produce creative solutions.

The SYI Leadership Team

Sam Yager III

Sam H. Yager III

AJ Sullivan

A.J. Sullivan III, CFA

Chief Financial Officer
greg voinis

Greg Voinis

Vice President &
Chief Operating Officer
Sam Yager Jr

Sam H. Yager, Jr., Founder

Sam Yager, Jr. formed Sam Yager Incorporated in 1990 to pursue land development projects in the Houston area. In 1989, Mr. Yager organized and directed…

Client Testimonials

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“I have been a real estate development leader for over 20 years, and Texas Capital Bank has financed approximately 50 land development groups and over 200 private and public homebuilder developers comprising tens of thousands of lots and homes across Texas and the United States. Currently our builder and developer portfolio is approaching 3 billion in size. I have personally worked with and financed countless successful turn-key projects developed, managed, and/or sold by Sam Yager Incorporated for over 15 years. Sam Yager Incorporated’s team has earned their reputation as one of the best, most professional, thorough, sophisticated, and trustworthy groups I have had the opportunity to work with. It has been and continues to be my pleasure to work with them.”

–Melissa Abel, Executive Vice President, Builder Finance

“First Continental Investment Co., Ltd. and related companies have financed over 700 residential lot developments over the past 27 years. We have had the pleasure of working with Sam Yager Inc. for over 10 years as a development management partner and over 25 years as a borrower. Sam Yager Inc. is among the most capable, efficient, creative, and trustworthy community developers in the United States.”

–John Bonner, President, First Continental Investment Co., Ltd.
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“I have worked with Sam Yager Incorporated for almost 20 years, and it has been a very lucrative endeavor, as well as a pleasure. The Yager organization is by far the best residential development organization in Texas; combined with the fact that the Yager family is always ethical, honest, and straightforward in everything they do.”

–Glenn Gehan

Join Our Team

SYI  is always on the lookout for qualified individuals to join our team. In our industry, the stakes and the competition are high, so it’s important to be fully invested in the success of the team as well as the projects we pursue. Part of building successful communities requires building an effective team to create and manage these places. We seek brilliant minds to join our team to bring value. If interested, please contact us.

SYI in the News

Interested in working with SYI?

Sam Yager Incorporated (SYI) Corporate Headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.

Sam Yager III

Sam H. Yager III


Mr. Yager joined Sam Yager Incorporated in 1994, and served as land development manager for all of the company’s land development projects. In 1998, Mr. Yager was promoted to Vice President and his duties expanded to include all management of day-to-day operations, contract negotiations, due diligence, financing, market analysis, and project selection for prospective land development opportunities for the company. Mr. Yager was promoted to Executive Vice President in 2000, where his responsibility increased to encompass the management of every aspect of SYI’s business. In 2014, Mr. Yager became the President and owner of the company. In his tenure with the company, Mr. Yager has entitled and managed the development of thousands of acres of mixed-use property to achieve the investment goals of the company and its valued clients.

Mr. Yager has held the positions of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for Houston Area Development Corp (HADC), a land development company owned in majority by Crescent Real Estate Equities, Ltd., a publicly traded real estate investment trust listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In his role with HADC, Mr. Yager supervised the financial management, monthly reporting, and development of HADC’s land development projects and assets, and served as a member of the Board of Directors for HADC. From 1997 to 2012, Mr. Yager served on the Board of Directors of Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 344 and served in the capacity as President for most of his service as a Board Member. Mr. Yager has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The University of Texas at Austin and is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Texas.

AJ Sullivan

A.J. Sullivan III, CFA

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Sullivan rejoined Sam Yager Incorporated in 2014 and serves as Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, Mr. Sullivan oversees the financial forecasting, analysis, and reporting activities of the company. Mr. Sullivan is also involved in the evaluation of acquisitions and new business opportunities. Mr. Sullivan began his career in 2004 with Sam Yager Incorporated as a Project Manager, where he managed several land development projects throughout the Houston area.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Sullivan held a variety of financial positions with Tesoro Corporation, an independent refining, marketing, and midstream logistics company headquartered in San Antonio, where he held positions in strategic finance, corporate finance, and corporate analytics.

Prior to his tenure with Tesoro, Mr. Sullivan worked for a public homebuilding company where he was responsible for lot acquisition and development in the San Antonio and Austin markets.

Mr. Sullivan received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin and has also earned a Certificate in International Business and Trade from American University in Washington, D.C. Mr. Sullivan is a CFA Charterholder.

greg voinis

Greg Voinis

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Greg Voinis joined Sam Yager Incorporated in 1998 and serves as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. His responsibilities include overseeing the project management of all single-family land development projects for the company. He is also responsible for feasibility determination and analysis of potential land development acquisition and sale opportunities.

Since 1991, Mr. Voinis has been involved in the land development industry within Houston and the surrounding areas. During his career, Mr. Voinis was Land Development Manager for Ashton Woods Homes and Project Manager for LJA Land Development.

Mr. Voinis received his Masters in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. He currently serves as President of Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 96. In addition, he serves as an Officer on the Board of Directors for a number of homeowner and commercial associations with mixed-use developments. Mr. Voinis also maintains an active Texas Real Estate Salesperson License.

Sam Yager Jr

Sam H. Yager, Jr


Sam Yager, Jr., formed Sam Yager Incorporated in 1990 to pursue land development projects in the Houston area. In 1989, Mr. Yager organized and directed Centre Development Co., Inc., of Dallas’ new residential land-development group in Houston. From 1978-1989, Mr. Yager was with General Homes, a public home-building and land-development company, where he held the positions of executive vice president, corporate secretary, and member of the board of directors. He managed the feasibility, purchasing, planning, financing, and construction and sales of land and lots nationwide, including 75 projects ranging in size from 25 to 2,000 acres in five states and eight metropolitan areas, and approximately $250 million in assets. 

Mr. Yager graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and completed his graduate studies in civil engineering at the University of Houston. He is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Texas and inactive registered professional engineer.

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